The Most Important Indicator of a Dress Shirt


Dress shirts for men have been indispensable in men’s lives as they are elements that define them as leading members of society.

Moreover, men use them for formal situations such as: business meetings, conferences, interviews, and just about any other formal related event.

Then, there are the semi-formal occasions such as: wedding, birthday celebration, and others.

There could also be plenty of details about a shirt such as its yoke, buttons, cuffs. But, what is really important in every dress shirt?

What is the ultimate element that makes a great one? The truth is that it is the material from which it is made what makes a shirt remarkable.

I am talking about cotton that is premium quality. What is cotton the best fabric there is? Cotton is; in fact, the softest and most smooth fabric in the history of man kind and this is confirmed by this site:  http://cuStomdResssHIrts.info/

While some may argue that silk is an even better alternative to the ideal cotton, most agree cotton is better. Silk is no as durable as cotton, not as breathable, and not as comfortable on the skin.

The best dress shirts in the world are made of cotton and can cost just as much as a true silk made piece of cloth. How can one tell if a shirt is made of pure cotton? This is quite easy as all one has to do is touch it all through, it should bring a sensation of smoothness.

The best cotton is made in Egypt, it can be very expensive, but cottons made everywhere else can be just as good depending on the process.


Father’s day is coming, prepare a surprise for your old man


Men are not as emotional as women, but we feel things, too. Have you ever feel awkward with your old men because even though you love him so much but don’t know how to express you love to him? Sometimes action is much stronger than words. Check out when can you do for you old man:

1. Teach him how to do online shopping

It is not easy for a senior to go shopping at mall because there are way to many young man stuff in the mall that make them feel they are too old to buy fashion stuff. However, he can get rid of all that trouble if you guide him for online shopping. Believe it or not, the bespoke shirts your father design could be better than yours, and he would absolutely feel grateful for that.

2. Try different ways to tie a tie with your daddy

Remember when you’re a kid, your daddy taught you everything, including how to tie a tie? It is the time that you show him that you are good at that, and show him some new “crazy tie knots” to have fun.

There are so many ways you can try, as long as you want to.

Dress shirt-Made for a life time

Wide Bengale Stripe with a Micro Pattern

There are tons of different dress shirts for man in the world, suited for different ages and different body shape, even different occasion.  It should be enough for men to choose, but why we choose tailored dress shirts anyway?

As a matter of face, each man has their own body shape. You may say a little different does not matter when choosing a dress shirts, especially when it always under your suit. However, details do matter. You see the different between mass produced dress shirt and the custom dress shirts is that former is just a shirts, later one is your shirts, it fits you, and only you.

Besides that, tailored the shirts usually come from a senior tailor’s hands, which means it is a shirts with reputation and excellent quality.

The shirt is a essential object to any man in the world. It accompany man going through their whole lives. Who can deny the importance of dress shirts with good fabric, good designed, and best fit?

Every man must read: rule of gentlemen

Early traditional gentlemen do not have to follow the nine-to-five routine, they lives are leisure and relax. In addition to the work, they either fishing, hunting, or a walk around the lake or gardens; reading and enjoy theater and music are parts of everyday life. Regardless of which periods of activity throughout the day, of course bounded to an elegant appearance.


Furthermore, since the tea along with the introduction of the Silk Road to Europe, China, United Kingdom will consume Oriental tea as a symbol of nobility. Gentleman style lives can’t exist without tea. Older gentlemen start every day with tea, and ended with tea every day. At dawn early morning enjoy a tipsy “bed tea”; time for breakfast “breakfast tea”; even work any more, at 11 o’clock in the morning, have to set aside 20 minutes to drink “a break of tea”; four o’clock in the afternoon need to be widely known “afternoon tea”; meat hours d ‘ oeuvres before dinner snacks; before bedtime there road “farewell tea”.


But traditional gentleman walks all day long is not a luxury, they also need to strengthen the personality to flourish and refinement. Benjamin of the 19th century created a tutorial system. The extremely rich personality charm of teachers, asked the students to read aloud in front of a fireplace, he works, improvised translations into Latin or Greece. After more than 30 years of effort, Benjamin finally established a tradition of learning for the gentleman, and in the 20th century is highly valued.


United Kingdom gentleman tradition originated in the nobility, after all levels values fusion to form today’s gentleman of spirit, becomes a social custom. A true gentleman, is not only the surface of polite and appropriate fashion wear and, even more important is the individual quality and moral character. Although many people claim that United Kingdom of Gentry culture in decline, but the gentleman is still important symbol of Britons are known around the world.

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